Blindfold Games: User Guides now online (#152)

IEP Technologies :  Expanded Core Curriculum Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Goals is our new company where we are building ECC interactive simulations for visually impaired students, based on each child’s Individual Educational Plan. 

The child’s progress in mastering skills in these education-based games will be maintained in a private secure cloud, accessible to the teachers in a web-based console . 

If you are a Special Ed Director , click for additional information on learning about these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
RTI Intervention

User Guides now online

A friend from down under suggested I put many of the user guides online, since he found it easier to read a user guide from his PC instead of his phone.  This way, he can use his braille display to read the user guide, or listen to the user guide with a screen-reader, at the same time as he is playing the game.

User guides for almost  all of the 50 games are available at this link:

Blindfold Games User Guides

If you have ideas for more games, please contact me.





  1. I have the games on my phone but I am trying to figure out how too get them on my Apple TV if you can call me at 7065618227 with information on this matter I would greatly appreciate it thank you

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