Blindfold Racer Out-takes (#169)

IEP Process :  Expanded Core Curriculum Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Process is our new company where we are building ECC games for blind and low vision students, based on a student’s Individual Educational Plan. 

The student’s progression in acquiring skills in our education-based games are preserved in a private secure cloud, available to the teachers in a web-based console . 

If you are a Teacher of Visually Impaired Students , press for more information on trying these types of games as a tool for maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 

Racer Out-takes

People who follow this blog may have heard these before, but I just listened again and couldn’t stop laughing.

Jim Holiday does a podcast called Typical Confusion, and he recently tried Blindfold Racer.  While his driving wasn’t very good, he really enjoyed my daughter’s voice acting from 4 years ago.  He said she has lots of fans.

Jim asked me for the out-takes to include in his latest podcast.  He starts talking about Blindfold Racer at 17 minutes and 8 seconds, and the out-takes begin at 18 minutes and 48 seconds.

Here’s the link to his podcast on Audioboom:



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