Demostración del juego Blindfold Gesture Bop (#213)

IEP Technologies :  ECC Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Technologies is our new organization where we are building Expanded Core Curriculum interactive simulations for blind students, based on the student’s IEP . 

The student’s advancement in acquiring skills in these ECC-based games will be maintained in a private secure cloud, visible to the school team in a web-based dashboard . 

If you are a O&M , press for additional information on learning about these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 

IEP Individual Educational Plan .

Gesture Bop

About a week ago, I was contacted by Gerardo Corripio, who publishes a blog on accessible apps for the Spanish speaking world.  He wanted to demonstrate some of the Blindfold games, and was especially intrigued by Blindfold Gesture Bop.

Here’s a link to his Spanish blog:

And here’s his recording of a 4 minute audio demonstration of the game, in Spanish:

Gerardo said that even though the games are spoken in English, many Spanish visually impaired people play them.  I told him that we may translate the games to other languages in the future.

You can get Blindfold Gesture Bop here:



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