Blindfold Games: From a 9 year old (#238)

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From a 9 year old

I received this email the other day:


Hey Marty,

My name is Hayes. I am 9 yrs. old and I am blind. I love your blindfold games. Thank you for making those for blind people.

My mom said you had said to send you ideas for new games. These are my ideas. Hope you like them.

-Just dance
-Cooking game
-Mind craft
-Super Mario
-Pokémon go
-Caring for a pet
-Flying an airplane
-Catch the fairy: hide and seek type game
-Mermaid and pirate game where you find treasures
-Mixing instruments
-Running a business and buying things
-Grocery store or retail store
-Unicorn simulator
-Harry Potter type games with wizards
-Dress up game: dress the princess
-Mad libs
-Outer space and rocket game

Let me know if you need more ideas.

I replied:

Thanks for your email. I’m considering some of those games, but several of them, such as Minecraft  are way too complex for me to build. Several of the games you mentioned require dozens of programmers to work for many months.

One of the difficulties in building an audio game based on a video game is finding sounds that match each of the things that someone would see on the screen. If the screen shows lots of things going on at once, it would make the audio version of that game too complex.

I’m considering a cooking game, a runner game like mario, a pet-caring game and a musical instrument game. Before I create any game, I ask hundreds of other blind people which games they would like the most. People of all ages play my games, some much younger than you.





One comment

  1. I’d be interested in the pet game. What would really make it stand out is if the pets could make friends with Game Center friends’ pets or some such. But I’m sure that’d create more variables.

    I’d like a game with real animals as opposed to mythical or fictional creatures. Maybe there could be a variety. Mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. They need different kinds of care and it would appeal more broadly. I often see pet games that feature mammals, but not many that feature fish or reptiles. Of course, mammals are most popular, so I do understand.

    The only problem I can see is making it variable enough to stick with over the long term. Simply keeping a pet or two alive is one thing, but it gets repetitive. There would need to be some way to make the game unpredictable enough to keep playing, the way card games are by nature. Maybe random events or having the pet interact in some way, like asking for a specific food or indicating it wants to play or what have you.

    Maybe it would be too complex to create after all. Hmmm.

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