Blindfold Games #295: International Orientation & Mobility Symposium

I’ve been invited to speak at the upcoming International Orientation and Mobility Symposium at the end of January.


This conference is designed to help  O&M Specialists, by immersing them in three days of interactive webinars.  They’ll walk away  with a notebook full of ideas and excited to help their students become their most independent selves.

My topic is “Using Expanded Core Curriculum-based mobile games to maximize educational outcome, by teaching skills specified in each student’s Individual Education Plan“.  Quite a mouthful.

They asked me to describe the three “take-aways” that teachers and specialists would achieve:

  • You will learn why “gamification” and “closed-loop digital curricula” leads to improved educational outcomes.
  • You will learn which Expanded Core Curriculum skills can easily be taught through mobile games and interactive simulations.
  • You will have an opportunity to see these games played by students, and to try out several of the games.

To find out more about his online symposium, visit this site:


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