ObjectiveEd at Alaska AER

Often we are invited to give keynote speeches at AER conferences held in remote parts of the US, but being invited to Alaska in February was not exactly what we were expecting.


Anchorage temperature over the past few days have been around 16 degrees (F), which isn’t that much colder than Boston (although the weather in the past few weeks did bounce back and forth between freezing and 50 degrees).

Fortunately, in lieu of a 10 hour flight, we joined their AER conference as a webinar, via Zoom.  Other Alaskan teachers also joined via Zoom; they live hundreds of miles from Anchorage.  The Alaska AER was inactive for a few years, but has regrouped and is now helping TVIs and O&Ms throughout the state learn more about advances in teaching practices.

ObjectiveEd’s focus on helping students practice between sessions with their teachers had real resonance with these teachers: some teachers must travel 5 hours to work with their students.

We are often asked if our educational games require Internet connection; many students can only access the Internet from school.  We planned for that when we designed our gamified curriculum:

  • The games work without Internet connection
  • As long as the student’s device connects to the Internet when they return to school (within two weeks), all their skill-based progress is automatically uploaded.

When you are ready to have us present a webinar to your school or agency, please contact us at info@objectiveEd.com.    We are authorized by ACVREP to provide CEUs your school’s teachers and specialists.






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