Podcasts are the most common way that Blindfold Games are covered, since its the easiest way for the visually impaired community to learn about the games.

November, 2017

These podcasts discuss the incident when Apple demanded that we combine the games into fewer apps, and why that’s a bad idea.  Apple investigated the games more thoroughly and allowed us to continue as before.

The Blind Side Podcast – Jonathan Mosen

INSIGHT ON disAbility – Michael E. Gerlach

Life After Blindness – Tim Schwartz

Blind Bargains Podcast – J.J. Meddaugh

Blind and Beyond Radio Show – Michael and Lynn Goldner

Typical Confusion Podcast – Jim Holliday


October, 2017 

Michael Gerlach invited me on his podcast and radio show “Insight on disAbility” earlier this week.


March, 2017

Tim’s blog and podcast  Life After Blindness talks about all things basketball and specifically the NCAA men’s basketball tournament also known as March Madness, then Tim presents a quick tutorial and review of Blindfold Basketball.


February, 2017

Jim Holiday does a podcast called Typical Confusion, and he recently tried Blindfold Racer.  While his driving wasn’t very good, he really enjoyed my daughter’s voice acting from 4 years ago.


October, 2016

Blind Abilities presents this follow up interview with Project Starfish after their successful completion of the first ever Blindfold Racer Championship.


September, 2016

I was recently interviewed by James Oates of Cool Blind Tech along with  Kevin Andrews of RS Games.  We talked for about half-hour about how we both got into building games for the blindness community, and about our partnership to bring RS Games to the iPhone and iPad.


October, 2014

Alvaro Alvarito does a podcast called “Syncopating: Apps for People With Disabilities”, and it is hosted at the TOOST Radio section of Out Of Step’s website. Alvaro did a podcast about Blindfold Racer, and he was nice enough to say “This is one of the most played games for people with disabilities in general all across this world.”



July, 2014

John and Jennifer of theTalking Information Center interview me for about 20 minutes, and they both seemed to really like the app. Jennifer was asked to research the app, so she downloaded it onto her phone, and started playing it. She expected to play it for a few minutes, and then write up a summary. Twenty minutes later, she was still playing.


June, 2014

Thomas Domville, Michael Hansen, and Ken Downey of AppleVis talk to me about Blindfold Racer.