User Guides

Here are recent user guides for many of the games.  The user guide in the game may be slightly newer than what’s included here.

Blindfold Air Hockey

Blindfold Barnyard

Blindfold Basketball

Blindfold Bingo

Blindfold Blackjack

Blindfold Bird Songs

Blindfold Bowling

Blindfold Breakout

Blindfold Cat and Mouse Solitaire

Blindfold Checkers

Blindfold Color Crush

Blindfold Connect

Blindfold Craps

Blindfold Cryptogram

Blindfold Dominoes

Blindfold Euchre

Blindfold Fireworks

Blindfold Greeting Card

Blindfold Hearts

Blindfold Home Run Derby

Blindfold Hopper

Blindfold Horse Race

Blindfold Invaders

Blindfold Juggle

Blindfold Pool

Blindfold Pong

Blindfold Phrase Madness

Blindfold Pinball

Blindfold Pyramid Tiles

Blindfold Racer

Blindfold Racer Championship

Blindfold Roulette

Blindfold RS Games

Blindfold Rummy

Blindfold Seven Words

Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles

Blindfold Shuffleboard

Blindfold Simon

Blindfold Soccer Kick

Blindfold Solitaire

Blindfold Sound Search

Blindfold Sudoku

Blindfold Sudoku Mini

Blindfold 3D Tic Tac Toe

Blindfold Tile Puzzle

Blindfold Travel Cards

Blindfold Trivia Match

Blindfold Vee Ball

Blindfold Video Poker and Dealer Poker

Blindfold Wildcard

Blindfold Wildcard with Friends

Blindfold Word Biggle

Blindfold Words from Words

Blindfold Word Games

Blindfold Word Search