Blindfold Greeting Card


Blindfold Greeting Card is a fully accessible e-card app for sending audio cards to your friends and family.

A greeting card is created by first selecting a sound effect, and then recording yourself saying something.
After both steps are done, prepare and listen to the card to make sure you like it, and then send the card.
Cards can be sent via email, text message, facebook, twitter or any other social networking app that your phone may have.

To help you test out this app, it comes with two prerecorded messages saying happy birthday, in a man’s and woman’s voice.
You can use these prerecorded messages, but it’s much more personal to record your own voice greeting when sending a card.
To create and send a greeting card, there are 4 steps:

1. Select the sound effect.

2. Record your voice greeting.

3. Prepare and listen to the card.

4. Send the card.

Step 1 – Select the sound effect

To select a sound effect, first select a cateory, and then find the specific sound effect you want, and tap SELECT.
You’ll return to the main menu.

When you first start the app, about 6 sound effects are downloaded.
After you’ve sent a few cards, and you want a wider selection of sound effects, tap the DOWNLOAD ALL SOUND EFFECTS option.
It can take up 3 to 10 minutes to download all 200 sound effects.

Step 2 – Record your voice greeting

To record a greeting, press RECORD YOUR VOICE GREETING, and you’ll be taken to the RECORDINGS screen.
In this screen, select menu option CREATE A NEW VOICE GREETING, and you’ll be taken to the screen called YOUR VOICE GREETING.
Here you will give your recording a name, and press the RECORD YOUR GREETING button.

You’ll be told to press your finger to record, and to lift your finger when done recording.
Once you’ve finished recording, you return to the screen called YOUR VOICE GREETING.
You can play the greeting you just recorded, or re-record your greeting.
When you are satisfied with your greeting, press SAVE and your new recording is added to your list of voice recordings.
To delete a voice recording, on the RECORDINGS screen, tap the info button, and then press DELETE.

Back in the RECORDINGS screen, select one of your voice recordings, and press SELECT.
The newest records are at the top of the list.
You’ll return to the main menu.

Step 3 – Prepare and listen to the card

Once you’ve picked your sound effect and created your voice greeting, prepare the greeting card by tapping on the PREPARE AND LISTEN button.

Step 4 – Send the card

If you like it, press SEND THE CARD.
You’ll be shown the standard iPhone menu for sharing something, including MESSAGE, MAIL and any social networking apps you’ve installed including
Twitter, Facebook, and What’s App.

When your friend receives your message, they just tap on the website, and they’ll hear your greeting.
Give it a try!

How it works

After you tap the PREPARE AND LISTEN button, the complete audio greeting is stored on the Blindfold Greeting Card cloud.
When you select to send your greeting card via email, the email includes the website address with your complete audio description, and its saved there for about a month.
You can delete your recording from the phone without affecting the audio greeting that you friend will receive.

If you send a card, and then decide you didn’t really want to send it, press the REJECT GREETING CARD button.
The screen shows a list of greeting cards that have been created within the half-hour.
Select any of the greeting cards to delete them.
Even though the email or text message might make it to the recipient, the audio recording is deleted, so your recipient won’t hear anything.