Blindfold Phrase Madness


Phrase Madness is a cross between concentration and wheel of fortune.
It was originally designed by Ken Downey, and we are collaborating with Ken to create Blindfold Phrase Madness.

The objective of this game is to match the beginning of a common expression with the end of the expression.
For example, you would match “It’s a beautiful day in the” with the ending “neighborhood”.
You can play up to 26 phrases at a time.

After you play for a while, simply matching phrases can get boring, and that’s where the madness kicks in.
With over 300 phrases, you’ll find new and intersting combinations pop-up when you accidentally, or intentionally, match the beginning of one phrase with the end of another phrase.
For example, take the phrases, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and, “Goodness gracious great balls of fire”.
These two phrases might get mixed up while you’re trying to match them, and you might hear “It’s a beautiful day in the fire!”

Game Play

Start out with the Solo game, and pick the number of phrases you will try to match, from 5 to 26.
In the game screen, you can listen to all of the phrases prior to the start of the game.
Once the game begins, you can only match phrases.

Pick the beginning phrase, by swiping up and down. When you find the phrase you want, tap twice.
Then pick the ending phrase, by swiping up and down again, and then tap twice.
You will hear the entire phrase, and if it’s a match, people will cheer and applaud you.
If your answer is wrong, you’ll be told in a not so subtle way.
You win the game once you’ve matched all of the phrases.

To hear all of the sentences when the game first starts, swipe down with 2 fingers.
Once the game starts, you cannot hear all the sentences again.
To exit back to the main menu, swipe up with 3 fingers.

If you enable FULL KEYBOARD from the SETTINGS screen, you can use the arrow keys to move through the list, select a phrase with the RETURN key.
You can also jump to a phrase by typing the letter, such as the letter “B” for the second beginning phrase.

Phrase Packs

The game comes with 30 sentences, and if you are playing with 5 phrases, that gives you about 1.7 million combinations of amusing sentences.
There are 6 other game packs you can purchase, with 50 sentences each, that give you gazillions of funny combinations.