Blindfold Pong


This is a pong game, where you try to move your paddle so that the oncoming ball hits your your paddle.
To move your paddle, move your arm or your body to the left or right.

In practice level and the first few levels, there is just one ball, and it is the sound of a ball rolling on a table.
Move your paddle left or right so that the sound of the on-coming ball is in the center of your head.
When the ball touches your paddle, you will hear a bounce sound. The ball will bounce away in the opposite direction.
When the ball bounces on the left or right side, you will hear the bounce sound in that ear.
When the ball bounces off of the back wall, you will hear the back wall sound in both ears.

To start the game, tap the screen.
The first two levels are free.
After that, you need one coin to play one game.
This game comes with 15 coins, and you can purchase more coins, or you can purchase the STARTER PACK for unlimited play.
Each time you beat your prior score by 5 or more hits, you win another coin.
You can also get more coins for free – that’s described later.

Earning points in Blindfold Pong is easy.
Starting with level one, each time you hit the ball, you get one more point than the points you got for the prior hit.
Your first ball hit gets you one point, your second ball hit gets you two points, your third ball hit gets you three points, and so on.

Start playing at the practice level; select practice and then tap PLAY GAME.
Once the game starts, tap the screen.
The ball does not speed up in practice level. The ball bounces off the paddle in the opposite angle from where it hit. We call that simple bounce.
In the first level, your paddle is big, the ball starts out slow, it it gets a little bit faster each time it hits your paddle.

The next seven levels are easy; they are like the first level, and except the paddle gets smaller and the ball gets faster.
Level 2 is just like level 1, except your paddle is medium-sized.
Level 3 also uses a medium-sized paddle, but the ball starts out a little faster.
Level 4 is just like level 3, but based on where the ball hits the paddle, the angle will change.
We call that paddle bounce. Read about how paddle bounce works in a section below.
In level 5, your paddle is medium-sized, uses simple bounce, but the ball starts out fast.
Level 6 is just like level 5, but uses paddle bounce.
In level 7, your paddle is small, uses simple bounce, but the ball starts out fast.
Level 8 is just like level 7, but uses paddle bounce.

The next group of eight levels are of medium difficulty.
They are like the easy group, but use a second ball that starts at the same speed each time, so it is easier to hit.
The last group of eight levels are harder.
They are just like medium group, but the second ball gets faster each time you hit it.

The game pauses after each ball hit to tell you how many balls you’ve hit so far, and how many coins you’ve earned.
To stop the game from pausing after each hit, change the settings to LESS TALK AND SOUND EFFECTS.

Each time you do really well, you can post your scores to Twitter or Facebook.
First, in SETTINGS, select to post to either Twitter or Facebook.
Then, when you score really well, the game will tell you to tap the screen with 2 fingers to post your score.
With twitter, your scores are already shown.
With facebook, you must paste your scores using the standard method on the iPhone for pasting text.

To recalibrate your left and right hand positions, swipe down with 3 fingers prior to tapping the screen for a new game.

Simple bounce and paddle bounce

The ball will bounce off the paddle in two ways.
In simple bounce, the ball will always bounce in the opposite direction, but the same angle, from how it arrived.
In paddle bounce, the more to the left side of the paddle that you hit the ball, the more the ball will angle to the left.
The more to the right side of the paddle that you hit the ball, the more the ball will angle to the right.
If you hit the ball in the exact center of the paddle, it will bounce vertically; not to the left or to the right.