Blindfold Seven Words

User Guide

Blindfold Seven Words is a word building game, inspired by Seven Little Words, for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
It is similar to the Seven Small Words game that’s in Blindfold Word Games.

Your objectivec is to combine word fragments to form words based on definitions.

First the definitions of the seven words are read to you. Then flick up, down, left and right to find a word fragment that begins the word corresponding to one of the definitions. Tap twice to select a fragment, and continue flicking to find the next fragment until the word is complete.

To hear the definitions again, swipe up and down with 2 fingers.
To hear all of the fragments on the current line, swipe left with 2 fingers.
To hear all of the fragments in the game, swipe right with 2 fingers.
To get a hint, swipe down with 3 fingers. The first time you swipe down with 3 fingers, you’ll hear the first letter.
The second time, you’ll hear the first fragment. The third time you swipe, you’ll hear the entire solution.
To clear the word, swipe left with 3 fingers.

You can practice as many times as you want using the practice level.

Coins and Puzzle Packs

Prior to purchasing a puzzle pack, you can solve up to 10 puzzles with coins in the Easy Word pack.

Each puzzle pack contains 5 categories, such as Butterfly, Kites or Salt.
Each category has 50 puzzles, and each puzzles has 7 words, so the puzzle pack gives you 250 puzzles, or about 1,750 words.

Pack 1: Easy, Butterfly, Chameleons, Cinnamon, Flamingos.

Pack 2: Gingerbread, Ice Cream, Kites, Lavender, Magnolias.

Pack 3: Maple, Meadows, Mountains, Peppermint, Salt.

Pack 4: Slippers, Snowman, Tuplics, Vanilla, Wallabies.

Bundle Pack 1: Packs 1 through 4.

Refer to the Common Features Guide for additional details.