Blindfold Word Search

User Guide

Blindfold Word Search word searching game, for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.

How to Play

Your objective to find the words in the letter grid.

The letter grid is between 5 rows and 5 columns, up to 20 rows and 20 columns, based on the number of words in the puzzle.

When the game starts, you are told the words you must find.
Move around the grid by swiping one finger up, down, left or right, to find the letters.
All letters in the word must be next to each other.
When you find the first letter of the word, tap one finger twice.
Keep moving in the same direction as you building the word, and tapping twice.
When you’ve found all the letters in the word, tap once with 2 fingers.
Then start finding the next word.

You cannot build a word by first moving left to right, and then moving top to bottom, and then right to left.
All words must be built by continuing in the same direction.

For example, if the grid starts with the line A B O N E F, and you are looking for the word “ONE”, you should swipe right twice to get to the letter “O”.
The tap twice, move right to the letter “N”, tap twice, move right again to the letter “E”, and tap twice.
Then to check that word, tap with 2 fingers. You’ll hear a double-ding if you are correct.
If you hear a honk, it means you moved in a different direction that you started, such as left to right, followed by top to bottom.


Swipe up, down, left and right with one finger to move around the grid.
Tap twice to select the letter you are on.
Tap once with 2 fingers to indicate the word is complete.
Tap three times with one finger to clear the word you’ve built so far, and start again.

Swipe 2 fingers left or right to move within the list of words that you must find.
Swipe 2 fingers up to spell the word you are building.
Swipe 2 fingers down to spell the word you are trying to find.
Swipe 3 fingers down to hear the entire list of words.


The PRACTICE game has the words from one to ten in the grid, always from left to right.
The VERY EASY game has all the words from left to right, also known as the east direction.
Letters will be used in only one word.
The EASY game has all words either left to right, or backwards, right to left, also known as the west direction.
Letters are used in only one word.
The MEDIUM game has east, west, vertical top to bottom, known as south, and vertical bottom to top, known as north.
Letters may be used in multiple words, when the words intersect.
The HARD game has east, west, north, south, and diagonals: northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest.
Letters may be used in multiple words, when the words intersect.

Customizing the game

In the SETTINGS screen, you can set the number of words to be found in the puzzle from 5 to 10.
You can set the maximum word length, from 6 to 12 letters long, or specify no limit to word size.
You can pick a category for the words, such as dogs, baseball or fruits.
Some of the categories require in-app purchases.

Making the game easier

If you change the SETTING option GIVE HINTS to “ON”, the game will ding when you are at the first letter of a word.
If you change that option to “ALL”, the game will also tell you in which direction the word goes.

Coins and Puzzle Packs

This game comes with about 10 free plays, using the number and month packs.
For unlimited play, purchase the Starter Pack, which also comes with dogs and cats.
See the Games guide for more packs.


The SETTINGS screen has several sections.

In the first section of SETTINGS, you can change how the game performs.

Refer to the Common Features Guide for more information.