Blindfold Words from Words

User Guide

Blindfold Word From Words is a word building game for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.

You want to create as many words as possible words from the letters of a chosen word.
For example, if the chosen word is “blindfold”, you can create the words such as blind, fold, bind, old, find, oil, foil, din, and so on.
Words must be at least 3 letters long.

Enter each word, and press RETURN. When you can’t think of any more words, press the I’m Done button.
To hear the word again, press the SAY WORD button.

If you have trouble finding the keyboard, double tap on the text for where it says enter text and the keyboard will appear.


You get 1 point for each 3 letter word, 2 points for each 4 points for each letter word, 3 points for each 5 letter word, 4 points for each 6 letter word, 5 points for each 7 letter word and 10 points for any word 8 letters or longer.

After the game is over, press the SHOW ALL WORDS button to get a list of every word the game found.
To review the list of words you found, press the SHOW MY WORDS button.
To see on the list of words you missed, change the option WORDS SHOWN AT END OF GAME in the SETTINGS screen.


You can play words of different lengths, or have words picked randomly of any length.
You can play for as long as you like, or play a timed game.
In the SETTINGS screen, you can select the minimum number of words that can be generated from a word, which is 5 by default.
That means that any word that cannot produce at least 5 words won’t be chosen for you.

Spelling Dictionaries

You can choose which dictionary to use when checking the word you enter, or when it determines how many words can be created.
The scrabble dictionary uses American English spelling and has about 42,000 words, and has 876 three letter words, 2506 four letter words and 4428 five letter words. Many of these words are rather esoteric.
The British dictionary uses British English spelling and has about 75,000 words, and has 656 three letter words, 2470 four letter words and 4717 five letter words.
The dictionary option “Scrabble+British” is a combination of both dictionaries, and has about 85,000 words.
The dictionary option “Spelling” is a combination of a US and UK spelling dictionary, and has about 122,000 words.

How to use coins

Each game uses a coin.
This game comes with 10 coins.
You can buy more coins at any time; tap the GET UPGRADES button on the main screen.
Refer to the Common Features Guide for details.