Blindfold Trivia Match

User Guide

Blindfold Trivia Match is a fully accessible triva game inspired by the TV Game Show “Jeopardy”.

You control this game using iPhone gestures.
The objective of the game is to be win more money than your opponents.

The game board is laid out as 6 columns of categories, with each column containing 5 clues.
You first pick the clue you want, and then the select your answer.
If your answer is correct, you win the amount of money for that clue.
If your answer is wrong, you lose that amount of money.

The first row of clues are the easiest, and are worth $10.
The second is $20, third is $30, fourth is $40 and the fifth, which are the most difficult, is $50.

Once you pick a clue, you must select the correct answer out of 10 possible answers.
If you are correct, you win the value of the clue, and go again.
If you are wrong, you lose the value of the clue, and your opponent goes.

The round is over when all of the clues have been selected.
If you answer every question on the board, and your opponent doesn’t answer any, you would win $900.

Playing each round

To pick the clue you want, swipe left, right, up or down, then tap twice.
When you move left and right, you are told the category, and the value of the clue.
When you move up and down, you are told the value of the clue.

After you tap twice, you hear the clue, and then you can hear each of the answers by swiping up and down.
When you hear the answer that’s correct, tap twice.

To hear the clue again, swipe down with 2 fingers.
To hear the scores so far, swipe down with 3 fingers.
To hear the categories, swipe up with 2 fingers.

Winning the game

The game is over after round ends, and you or your opponent has more winnings than the target, which is $2500 by default.
Sometimes, even though you might have won the round, your opponent wins the game. That can occur if prior to this round, your opponent was close to $2500, and won enough money in this round to exceed $2500.
You can change that in the SETTINGS screen.

Free squares and prizes

Some of the squares on the game board are free squares, meaning you’ll get the cash value of the square without having to select an answer.
One or more of the squares on the game board are super squares.
If you are the first person to pick a super square, you are told its prize value from $100 to $250.
When you select the correct answer, you win that much money.
If you are wrong, you lose the normal amount of money for that square.
If you pick that square after the first person got that square wrong, and you select the correct answer, you win the normal amount of money for that square.

Playing For Free

This game comes with 10 coins, so you can play 10 rounds of Trivia Match.
When you run out of coins, you don’t buy more coins; instead you purchase one or more of the trivia packs.
For more info, consult the Common Features Guide.

Bad Questions

If you think a question and answer is wrong, or unfair, or requires you to see the screen, shake the phone. That question will be submitted automatically to Blindfold Games and we will review it, and possibly remove it from a future version. It does not change the current game. When you shake the phone, the game will confirm your action.

Your opponents

You can select or change the name and skill of your opponent with the Competitor upgrade.
You should pick a specific player for the game, so that you have the same player on each round.

If you don’t get the competitor upgrade, you can still limit the number of questions in a row your competitor can answer, as well as change the competitor to always answer questions like a beginner.