Curriculum-based Games for your VI students

We are launching a new company to provide education curriculum via games for preK-12 students with vision impairments and need your help.

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Are you familiar with Blindfold Games (

Over the past 4 years our company has created 80 accessible games downloaded by more than 20,000 vision impaired people. These games range from Puzzle Games to Card Games to Sports Games to TV Game Shows to Board Games to Word Games. About a dozen of the games are used by TVIs for orientation and mobility practice.

Now, we are looking to take our successful game concept and use it to support the work of teachers of students with vision impairments, orientation and mobility specialists and others who support the educational programs of students with vision impairments.

If you are a teacher or a home-school parent, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey; you may be one of the 50 winners to receive  an Amazon Gift Card.

If you know of teachers who work with blind or vision impaired students, please ask them to fill out this survey.

Press to start the survey:  START SURVEY

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