Blindfold Games at AER: why teachers use our games

One of our goals for the AER conference that we attended a few weeks ago was to understand why our games are used by teachers and orientation and mobility specialists.

child and teacher playing with braille logo blocks

What makes our games so special that teachers rely on them in the classroom?

Dozens of teachers had emailed me telling me that they used them, but I didn’t understand exactly how they helped.  My mission was to find out.

As the conference attendees headed into the hotel lobby between sessions, I walked up to them and asked if they are familiar with Blindfold Games.  If so, do they have a few minutes to talk with me?  Some permitted me to record our discussion.

I heard many different reasons, but most often, teachers told me that they only spend a short time, once a week, with each visually impaired student.  For the remainder of the week, the student is supposed to practice those skills – either in school or at home.  Most don’t, so the teacher has to repeat the lesson all over again, instead of moving onto a new lesson.  Since the student can practice many of these skills while enjoying the Blindfold game, they master the skill without even realizing it.

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