Do you teach 4th to 12th grade students?

If you are a TVI or O&M and you work with 4th through 12th grade visually impaired students, we need your help.


ObjectiveEd is creating educational games for older visually impaired students, and your ideas can be included in these new games.  We’ve already completed games for pre-K to 3rd grade, and you’ll hear about those soon.

What skills do you need your visually impaired students to learn, that differ from what sighted students learn more easily?

Teachers have suggested ideas such as:

  • QWERTY keyboard training
  • Learning, navigating and memorizing maps
  • Grade-level spelling
  • Understanding the basics of a graph
  • Advanced braille literacy
  • Reading comprehension
  • Cooperation and Leadership

Contact me with your ideas – just reply to this message.

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