ObjectiveEd at the International O&M Conference

I presented our new Expanded Core Curriculum games to several hundred Orientation and Mobility Specialists a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Kassy for setting up an amazing three days of interactive webinars.


My topic was “Using Expanded Core Curriculum-based mobile games to maximize educational outcome, by teaching skills specified in each student’s Individual Education Plan“.  Quite a mouthful.

One of the things we discussed was the difference between Blindfold Games and Objective Ed.  Here’s a quick comparison:

Blindfold Games creates English entertainment-focused audio-only games iPhone and iPad.  Some of the games have been discovered by teachers to help their students.

ObjectiveEd creates Expanded Core Curriculum games for visually impaired pre-K through 12th grade students, based on each student’s Individual Educational Plan.  There’s a web dashboard for teachers to see each student’s progress and the games are equally accessible for blind, low vision and sighted students.  The games will be available in English, Spanish and other popular languages, on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.  More info is at http://objectiveEd.com


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