ObjectiveEd at VA AER

Another week, another AER conference.  This week it was the Virginia AER conference held in Charlottesville.


About half of the participants were familiar with Blindfold Games, and many had learned about them from their students.

“What took you so long?” was the most common refrain I heard when explaining how the web-dashboard enables the teacher to see her student’s progress when playing our curriculum-based games.  With the web-dashboard, when a teacher sees that her student is not playing the game and improving their skills, she can contact the student’s teacher or parents, and resolve the problem quickly, instead of waiting a week or two until her next itinerant visit.

An itinerant teacher is one who visits the student once a week, or every two weeks, or, in some cases, only once a month.  ObjectiveEd’s dashboard enables the teacher to monitor her student’s progress between visits.  The student enjoys playing the game not realizing how much they are learning, and the teacher can focus on the next lesson, instead of repeating the same lesson again on each visit.

Many of the teachers came up to me at the end of the conference to suggest a game to teach one or more skills that their students need.  We’re collecting all of these ideas and using it as a guide as we roll out more games.  If you have an idea for specific skills you want to teach – almost anything on the Core Curriculum or the Expanded Core Curriculum – please contact me, or reply to this email.



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