ObjectiveEd: IEPs and Skills

This blog is part of a series that dives into the ObjectiveEd curriculum-based games for blind and visually impaired students.

ObjectiveEd’s Barnyard is one of the games we’ve created that teachers an Orientation and Mobility skill that might be used in a child’s IEP – their Individualized Educational Plan.

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Specifically, if the IEP objective is “Child will understand left versus right and succeed at performing this task 90 percent of the time,” the teacher will first introduce these concepts and work with the child during their weekly session. The child plays Barnyard in school and at home, swiping left and right, winning points and getting encouragement, all week long.

Barnyard lets a child practice starting with the simple task of swiping left and right, and at the highest level, finding an animal based on clock directions, and then dragging that animal to a fence based on compass directions.

The teacher can check on the child’s progress at the web dashboard at any time—when she’s home, between visits to other children and so on.

The dashboard shows how much time each child is playing, how often, and their level of success. The teacher can set the game to get harder or faster automatically or move onto the next level of complexity automatically (such as never repeating the prompt when the child hesitates). Or the teacher can maintain the child at the current level and advance the child when she thinks it’s appropriate.

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