ObjectiveEd at Florida AER

We were invited to present several sessions at the Florida AER conference in late September.  Pictured below are the wonderful board members (and teachers) who helped organize the conference:

FAER bosrd

Our first session was standing-room only – about 50 teachers – attended the overview of ObjectiveEd’s gamified curriculum.  Teachers came from all over Florida: county-based Lighthouses, many of the school districts, several agencies, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, the Division of Blind Services and the Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired.

The most common question was – how soon can we test it ourselves?

We conducted a hands-on workshop where teachers played the games.  We had about 20 teachers – some were visually impaired – and we set up iPads for everyone to use during the workshop.  Every teacher wanted to bring it home and share it with their students.

We will have demos available for teachers to work with, in a month or so.  If you would like to evaluate our products, please contact us.

For more information on our game-changing educational curriculum, please visit:


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