Braille Sheets at the Getting In Touch with Literacy Conference

Last month, ObjectiveEd presented several of our braille literacy innovations at the Getting in Touch with Literacy conference in Seattle.

Teachers at the Getting In Touch conference

At prior conferences, many teachers wanted to try Braille Sheets; at this conference, we handed out several braille sheets that teachers can use with the ObjectiveEd Demo app.

Braille Sheets lets your student practice braille letters, words or sentences in a game,  using an iPad to which a page of embossed braille is placed on the surface of the iPad.

As your student moves his finger across the braille letters or words, the game app knows where his finger is touching. Since the game app is pre-programmed through the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard, it responds appropriately to the braille the student is touching.

With Braille Sheets, you can create lesson content your students enjoy.  Megan, a student of Mrs. Hernandez, loves horses and wants to learn more about them.

Using the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard, Mrs. Hernandez writes a short story  about horses, including the contractions Megan is learning, and then prints it on a braille embosser.

Then Megan puts the braille sheet containing the horse story on her iPad and the game begins.  The game asks Megan questions about the horse. To answer each question she must locate the correct word in the story.

For example, the game asks, “Where did the horse sleep at night?” Megan double taps the word “barn”and the game rewards her with a winning sound and says, “Yes, the horse slept in the barn at night.”

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