3 Easy Steps to start using ObjectiveEd Distance Learning

Hundreds of school districts (over 30,000 students) are now using ObjectiveEd’s distance learning for students with vision impairments.  It’s free for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year (end of July).  Here’s how to get started, and earn ACVREP CEUs.


1. Download the USAGE AGREEMENT and have it signed by a school administrator.   You can download it here:


If getting a document signed is difficult (no printer,  no scanner or the school administrator is very busy), we can arrange a digital signature for you.  We will send the school administrator a web link to digitally sign it.  Email us at info@objectiveEd.com for details.

2. Once we receive the USAGE AGREEMENT, we’ll set up your account for the person you designate to be the ADMIN.  We send the ADMIN a WELCOME email

3. The ADMIN adds teachers (by email address) and students (by their “gamer-tag” – a username that is not personally identifying).  If you have many teachers or students, we can do a bulk load of everyone.

Each teacher receives a WELCOME email, and can start using the system.

You should attend our live webinar classes given twice a day, every weekday.  You’ll earn ACVREP CEUs.  The schedule is: 


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