ACVREP CEUs: What teachers are saying about our Distance Learning webinars

Hundreds of teachers have earned CEUs attending our daily live webinars that show how distance learning is effective for the teacher, and fun for the student.

We offer two live webinars every day – one focused on Orientation & Mobility skills and  Assistive Technology skills, and another focused on Braille Literacy skills.

“Really appreciated how it took us step-by-step through the process –  we could see how the braille system is used from letter identification all the way to reading passages and demonstrating comprehension.”, Leah P. 

“Just enough to want to try it!  The right amount of Orientation and Mobility info and didn’t overwhelm me – great content and pacing.”, Tarin K. 

“Very helpful.  Will be checking out the tutorials. Presenter was very skilled and great at answering questions.”, Dana G. 

“The presentations were very clear and detailed and I feel that I could go on and use it without any difficulty.”, Maryanne G.

“The webinars were effective helping to imagine how this program can support my O&M and Braille students in their current and future goals.”, Linda M.

“Fantastic! Very informative and extremely helpful. I asked several questions in the Q&A and August took the time to answer them.”, Janet B. 

“My staff of 12 says that your trainings were some of the best we have seen!”, Barbara M.

Each training session runs from 45 to 60 minutes, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and listen to the questions from your colleagues.

You do not need to have previously signed up for ObjectiveEd prior to the live webinar and receive 1.0 ACVREP CEU.  However, to start using ObjectiveEd with your students (at no cost through end of July 2019), sign up at:



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