ObjectiveEd at IAER

We were invited to show our Expanded Core Curriculum skill-building games at the Illinois AER conference in Chicago recently.

main conference room with lots of people

Most of the attendees were teachers for visually impaired students and many were familiar with Blindfold Games.

Teacher told me how enthusiastic their students are when playing a “video” game, and if the game requires the student to learn a skill to succeed in that game, he keeps playing the game until he’s an expert in that skill.

The concept is simple: A student improves her skills while playing a game and her teacher, using our web-dashboard,  monitors  her progress.

Dozens of skills – sensory efficiency, orientation, mobility, literacy, social interaction, assistive technology – are just a handful of the skills that students can practice – and improve – on their own, in the context of a game.

One teacher summarized it: Students learn when motivated by a game and we teachers need tools to make our students successful.

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