ACB awards ObjectiveEd

ObjectiveEd is proud to announce that the American Council of the Blind selected us to receive the Vernon Henley Media Award for “developing accessible educational games that help blind students learn a variety of useful skills”.

Marty and Kim Charlson with the ACB award

Pictured here with me is Kim Charlson, President of the ACB.  We’ve worked with Kim Charlson for the past few years, and she’s advised us on many of the innovations we’ve created at ObjectiveEd.

At the convention, on Saturday, the American Association of Blind Teachers asked me to talk about our closed-loop educational games during their breakfast meeting, and in the afternoon, Brian Charlson chaired a meeting where a panel of experts talked about what’s new in accessibility. Peter Korn, Director of Accessibility at Amazon, spoke about the latest advances across all Amazon products, and I spoke about ObjectiveEd’s innovations in improving Braille literacy.  I also had the opportunity to address all of the attendees during the general session, prior to receiving the award.

Thanks again to everyone at the ACB for acknowledging the efforts of our team.

Details about the closed-loop educational games about ObjectiveEd is at our website:




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