The ObjectiveEd Suite – Who can use it?

At recent conferences, I’m often asked if children who are home-schooled, or adults, can use the ObjectiveEd curriculum-based skill building games.

Collage of photos of children titled Home Schooling

And just yesterday, I just received the following Facebook post from Jamie P – I’ve shortened it a bit:

Please make this for anyone who is home-schooled and so we can keep up with our goals. Some of us didn’t learn some of the things we would’ve liked to have learned the first time around and we want to learn them better.

I had horrible trouble with numbers and math and directions. And I would probably not have had such physical and verbal abuse in school if I had learned better and had games to practice. Instead, I was yelled at or spanked or slapped.

Please don’t forget about us – I had both blind and public-school education and this still was a problem.”

We understand the need for home-schooled children and adults to practice with our curriculum-based skill building games and we will make that available soon, in addition to providing the entire ObjectiveEd Suite to teachers and schools.

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