ObjectiveEd: Mobile-based Educational Games

This blog is part of a series that dives into the ObjectiveEd curriculum-based games for blind and visually impaired students.

The ObjectiveEd Suite consists of the following components:

  • Web Dashboard for Teachers and Specialists
  • Mobile device-based Educational Games
  • Professional Network for Teachers and Specialists

This blog focuses on the second major component of the ObjectiveEd Suite: mobile device-based Educational Games.  A prior blog talked about the web dashboard: Web Dashboard

Games in the ObjectiveEd suite enable a student to practice many of the skills in the Expanded Core Curriculum, including:

  • Orientation and Mobility Skills
  • Assistive Technology Skills
  • ECC Compensatory Skils
  • Braille Literacy Skills

ObjectiveEd games will be available for both iOS and Android-based devices, and will be available in English, Spanish and French.  During our pilot testing, which has already started, the games are being tested only English on the iPad.

Games are designed to be equally accessible for visually impaired and low-vision students.

  • For visually impaired students, the games are accessible audio games.
  • For low vision students, the games have large icons with contrasting colors in addition to operating as an audio game.
  • For sighted students, the games have colorful animated icons.

Subsequent blogs will describe each of the games, with corresponding videos.  Take a look at students playing some of the educational games:

Student selecting one of the games his teacher has assigned:

men of games

Student playing Barnyard for learning laterality: swipe left vs. right.

student swiping finger to the left

Student playing Barnyard for learning clock directions (drag to 6 o’clock).

student swiping to the bottom of the screen

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