ObjectiveEd: Professional Network

This blog is part of a series that dives into the ObjectiveEd curriculum-based games for blind and visually impaired students.

The ObjectiveEd Suite consists of the following components:

  • Web Dashboard for Teachers and Specialists
  • Mobile device-based Educational Games
  • Professional Network for Teachers and Specialists

This blog focuses on the Professional Network for Teachers and Specialists. A prior blog talked about some of the Mobile Games that are part of the ObjectiveEd system.

The ObjectiveEd system includes a Professional Network that allows teachers to create “skills”, lesson content and braille sheets and share them with other teachers.  When a teacher shares something, she hashtags it with one or more keywords, and it is available for other teachers in our secure cloud repository.


Teachers can communicate with each other over the Professional Network, discussing lesson content and offer advice to one another.

Organizations, such as districts, counties or agencies can create their own group of teachers to privately communicate with each other, and post notices to all members of the group.  Schools and smaller agencies can create private groups as well.

Experienced teachers and researchers can post articles that other teachers can read, just like a blog.


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