ObjectiveEd at Arkansas AER

Back in early 2019, ObjectiveEd was invited to the Little Rock, Arkansas AER as a featured speaker. Whitney heard about our educational games, She offered us a pre-conference session on Thursday and a hands-on workshop on Friday.Arkansas AER logo width=In the first session, I presented our suite of educational games for Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology and early Braille Literacy.  We showed videos of students playing these games and slides of the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard where you can see the progress your students have made in learning the skills used by the games.

Students learn while having fun, without realizing how much they are learning.

In the second session, I passed out iPads to the teachers.  Over the next hour, teachers played the games while asking questions.  We only had two of the games loaded on these iPads: Barnyard and Speed Gesture.  While Barnyard is always a hit; the teachers at this conference wanted to spend all their time playing Speed Gesture – it teaches iOS accessibility gestures.

Each teacher had several students they thought could really benefit.

Thanks to Whitney for accommodating my tight schedule and letting us present both sessions on Friday, since I was at the Carroll Center (in Massachusetts) the evening before.


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