ObjectiveEd O&M Game: Barnyard

An Orientation and Mobility game for practicing directional concepts and touch and drag.

Like all ObjectiveEd games, you use the “teacher” web-dashboard to set which skills you want your student to practice.  At the simplest level, your student masters swiping left and right; at the most complex, your student finds an animal on the screen listening to cardinal or compass directions, and then drags the animal to a fence based on similar directions.

Here’s a short described video of a child playing some of the simpler levels of Barnyard:

Since Barnyard can be enjoyed by blind and low-vision students, the child does not need to touch the animal icon.  Instead, the animal “snaps” to the child’s finger in the swiping games.

Barnyard be configured to have fences on the left and right, top and bottom, or all four sides of the device.  The fences are identified by either relative (left/right), cardinal (east/west) or clock directions (3/9 o’clock).  The student must either swipe or drag the animal to its appropriate fence.  Additionally, a hay field can obscure the screen, requiring the student (blind, low-vision or sighted) to search for the animal by following directions before dragging them into the correct fence.

For more information, please visit www.objectiveEd.com

child playing barnyard

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