ObjectiveEd at Council of Schools for the Blind

We presented our curriculum-based games to over 60 principals and superintendents of the nationwide schools for the blind in Louisville in early October, just prior to the APH annual meeting.  Pictured below are the board members: Donna Sorenson, Executive Director Joy Harris, Jon Harding, Paul Olson, Rebecca Renshaw, Brian Darcy and Serena Preston.

board members of COSB

COSB members had heard of ObjectiveEd from our session last year, when we said “This is the digital curriculum that we are going to build for students and teachers”.   This year, we showed what we created: skill-building games students play and the web-dashboard teachers use to customize their lessons and monitor student’s progress.

Many of the principals asked us to conduct webinars to educate their teachers and help them get started with the ObjectiveEd system.

We are now offering webinars several times a week.  If you would like us present a webinar for your district’s teachers and specialists, please contact us.






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