ObjectiveEd O&M Game: Audio Asteroid

An Orientation and Mobility game for sound localization and timing

Audio Asteroid helps students practice sound directionality and timing.  The objective of the game is to tap the screen when an incoming noisy object – an asteroid – is in the center of your head.  You play it with headphones or earbuds, sitting in a swivel chair, or swing your iPad left and right.

cartoon bear spinning in a swivel chair


Like all ObjectiveEd skill-building games, you use the “teacher” web-dashboard to set the complexity of the game.  You can start the student off in its simplest level: the approaching asteroid must be in front of the student instead of behind them.  As soon as the student hears the asteroid sound anywhere in front of them, they tap the screen, and score points.

As your student succeeds in this simplistic level, you reduce the cone (angle) of the sound, from very wide – 180 degrees – down to a very narrow cone, to about 10 degrees.  You can adjust the speed of the arriving asteroids – from 30 seconds to under 10 seconds.

Back at the web dashboard, you’ll see your student’s progress – the digital data recording accuracy and response time – today’s result and the progress over the past few days –  as a series of charts for each of your students.

For more information, please visit www.objectiveEd.com

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