ObjectiveEd at GVEST in Georgia

We were invited to present at the Georgia Vision Educators Statewide Training.  Several hundred teachers – Orientation & Mobility Specialists and Teachers of Visually Impaired Students – came to this conference in Macon, Georgia in early October.

teachers sitting at tables at the GVEST conference

ObjectiveEd games are built with a scaffolding concept, so the skill a child masters in one game is required to succeed in the next game in the sequence.  At GVEST, we showed these games:

  • Barnyard: Laterality, Directionality, Touch & Drag
  • Audio Asteroid: Sound Localization and Timing
  • Speed Gesture: iOS Gestures
  • Simon: Layered on Simon, it adds iOS Gestures, Memory, Sequencing
  • Sound Search: Sound identification, Categorization
  • Audio Memory: Layered on Sound Search, it adds Matching and Grid Concepts. 

Teachers from local Atlanta schools and agencies asked us to visit their school, to conduct ObjectiveEd training sessions:  how a student can practice skills with our games between itinerant teacher visits.  Using the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard, you can see your student’s progress in acquiring IEP goals & objectives, right from your PC.

When we return to Atlanta for VisionServe, we’ll be training at several of those schools.

We are accepting a limited number of TVIs and O&Ms into our next phase of product launch.   If you are interested in the free teacher version, please contact us right away.




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