ObjectiveEd Assistive Tech Game: Speed Gesture

Do you have any students who need to improve their iOS Voiceover Gestures?

Speed Gesture – one of many games in the ObjectiveEd Expanded Core Curriculum suite –  teaches a visually impaired person all of the gestures for operating the iPhone or iPad in voiceover mode.  Since it’s divided into in simple lessons that you control, it’s easy to learn and lots of fun.  And you can watch their progress on a web-dashboard on your PC or tablet.

Like all ObjectiveEd games, Speed Gesture can be played by a blind student as an audio game, by a low vision student as both audio and “bold” video, and by sighted students, as a fully animated game.

To watch how quickly your student achieves these skills, go to your ObjectiveEd web-dashboard.  You’ll see how must time they are playing, how much progress they’ve made in the past week, and how close they are to hitting the goal you established.

Graph showing student's progress over past week

For more information about ObjectiveEd’s game-changing digital education, visit www.objectiveEd.com

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