How one teacher uses ObjectiveEd for Distance Learning

Diane “DC” Colburn just contacted me last week saying that she’s using our system with several of her students.  Diane (MS, CVRT) is the Program Services Supervisor-Instructor at the Lighthouse of Southwest Florida.  I met Diane, and a dozen other teachers from the counties in southwest Florida just before the pandemic changed our lives.


Diane just finished a remote session with Riley (Riley’s mom gave us permission to use her photo).  It was a success: Riley had a great time, and practiced several of her skills.  Diane is using the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard to control the lessons.

Elsa (Riley’s mom) said that she loves it and can’t wait to play more games.  She also loves feeding and petting the lizard/dragon animal. These are just two parts of the ObjectiveEd distance learning system to increase student motivation.

To start using ObjectiveEd’s distance learning system with your students, visit:


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