ObjectiveEd: New Wayfinder Game to practice Navigation

We’ve just released Wayfinder – the latest in our series of Orientation and Mobility digital curriculum for students with vision impairments.

Wayfinder is scaffolded on the directionality concepts that your students practiced in the ObjectiveEd Barnyard.  In Wayfinder, a student navigates around a town, completing tasks, such as delivering milk to the grocer. Wayfinder helps a student develop mental mapping skills and wayfinding skills.

Wayfinder is set in the medieval times: you hear horse-drawn carts moving back and forth on the street, and the stores are grocers, blacksmiths and guilds – we did this so students don’t immediately assume they have all of the skills to deal with real world traffic.

In this easiest levels of Wayfinder, there is one block, shaped like a square, consisting of 4 streets that intersect at right angles.   Along the streets are various houses and businesses.  When the student touches anywhere on the map, the Wayfinder tells him what’s under his finger.

In advanced levels of the game, the student must use their navigation skills to get to a destination, following GPS instructions, such as walking 10 steps, or crossing the street where it’s safe, and listening to traffic – horse drawn carts – to learn more about their environment.

Here’s a quick video of Wayfinder:


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